Terms of Service

These terms of service relate to equine services provided by The Tack Room.

The Tack Room offers the following Equine Livery & Horse Show Preparation Services.

Show Prep & Livery Services

  • Mucking Out & Yard Work; Turning Out & Bringing In
  • Field & Stable Checks; Rug Changes & Giving Feeds
  • Grooming; Hunting / Competition Turnout
  • Trimming / Pulling
  • Holding for Farrier / Vet / Dentist
  • Full Holiday Care Packages
  • Groom: the company, The Tack Room or any groom representing the company
  • Client: a customer, including any third party with whom we have a relationship of any kind as a customer, or potential customer
  • Services: any work of any description, whether direct or indirect, under which a client requests we interact with their horse or pony
  • Information: all details provided by a client
  • Instructions: service requests communicated by the client through any means
  • The Client undertakes to provide all necessary instructions in good time and warrants the accuracy of any information given by them.
  • The Client shall indemnify the Groom against any liabilities or expenses whatsoever incurred by reason of the Groom following any instruction given by the Client, or arising from the breach by the Client of any warranties or obligations contained herein
  • We are not and do not offer an emergency service or a 24/7 call-out. On the day and last minute service requests, if accepted, incur a plus 50% charge.
  • The Client must inform the Groom immediately if your horse or pony has any form of disease or has been in contact with any horse or pony that has
  • The Client must show the Groom the location of lights, fuse boxes, emergency contact details and first aid kits.
  • If the Clients horse or pony becomes dangerous during clipping or grooming the Groom will discontinue the service until the Clients horse or pony is sedated. In the interest of safety, please inform the Groom if your horse is difficult or nervous about clipping beforehand.
  • All Grooms are horse savvy sensible individuals, however the Groom will not know all the quirks of the Clients stable yard. Please inform the Groom of any particulars such as specific times for feeding etc.
  • The Client must provide the Groom with the key or code for the tack and or feed room. If the Groom is unable to access feed and equipment the Groom will be unable to complete the tasks but will still bill for them.
  • If the Clients horse or pony has a tendency to kick, bite or in anyway try to harm or injure humans, you must tell the Groom before they anything with them.
  • The Groom will destroy all sensitive information provided by the Client upon the completion of services provided, and will keep all Client information confidential whether relevant to the Clients horse or the Client.

The Groom is fully insured for Care, Custody & Control of your horse or pony.

Hot and cold water must be available on site for cleaning services

  • Payment is due on the day of work. BACS payments or payments by credit/debit card should be sent to the account detailed in your invoice.
  • Travelling time is charged in radius bands from DN21 Gainsborough, Nr Lincoln, Lincolnshire as follows:
    • 0 to 10 miles – Included
    • 10 to 20 miles – £10
    • 20 to 50 miles – £20
    • 60+ miles – £30
  • If visiting multiple horses on one yard, travel can be divided between owners.
  • Please note that all prices are doubled on bank holidays, Christmas and New Years day.
  • The Client shall be liable to pay for services at the rates and charges prevailing at the date the service is performed.
  • Unless agreed in writing by the Company the payment of any charges made by the Company to the Client shall be paid at the time the Client contracts the Company service or services

All new clients are accepted on a Pay-As-You-Go basis; When the Company has agreed to extend credit to the Client:

  • Payment shall be due within 5 days of the invoice date
  • Failure to settle the account within the time allowed will cancel the credit account
  • A cancelled credit account will revert to a Pay-As-You-Go account.
  • Interest shall be payable on all overdue accounts at a rate of 7.5% above the base rate of the Nationwide Bank
  • Interest is applicable on all balances outstanding until payment is made
  • No claim by the Client against the Company shall entitle the Client to withhold payment of the whole or any part of invoices due for settlement
  • Costs incurred by the Company in recovery of any debt shall be payable by the Client.
  • The Company shall have a general lien on all horses, ponies, tack & equipment and documentation relating to same in its control, custody or possession
  • This lien applies in respect of all sums due at any time from the Client whether or not relating to any particular service or services.

If such lien remains unsatisfied:

  • Such horses, ponies, tack or equipment may be sold or disposed of in such manner and at such price as the Company in its absolute discretion thinks fit
  • This will be at the Clients expense to defray any sums due to the Company.
  • The expense of safekeeping prior to sale and costs of sale shall be added to any existing debt owed by the Client.
  • The Company shall not be obliged in exercising such lien to achieve any particular price or value for the bloodstock, tack or equipment disposed of
  • Notice of the exercise of the lien shall be given by first class post.

24hrs notice is required to cancel any service booking. Late or on-the-day cancellations are subject to a minimum charge of 50% of service price

PAY-AS-YOU-GO Accounts:
  • The Client agrees to deposit a minimum of £50.00 in cleared funds with the Company
  • Services will then be provided until this deposit is exhausted
  • The Client can top up their PAY-AS-YOU-GO Accounts with further deposits as needed (minimum £50.00)
  • A 7.5% administration surcharge is payable on all PAY-AS-YOU-GO Accounts

We are BioSecurity Aware. We change clothes between each property and we spray our boots with Virkon S, which we carry with us at all times to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

You will be informed before we enter your property if we have knowingly been in contact with an infectious equine disease.

We only use high quality products and each horse will be allocated its own sponges / towels / brushes which are then thoroughly disinfected and washed after each use.

All clipping, pulling and trimming equipment is disinfected and thoroughly cleaned between horses.

The Company reserves the right to change these Terms at any time without notice. Any such changes will be displayed on thetackroom.uk. Your continued use of our services indicates your acceptance of such changes. You should therefore check these Terms periodically.

Nothing in these Terms shall confer any rights upon any third party (a third party being someone other than the Client and the Groom) whether under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.